UK weather forecast: Last of the summer sun to bring 26C scorcher

Britain will bask in 26C sunshine this weekend as a late summer heatwave roasts the country.

Temperatures peak on Sunday, when the mercury is expected to shoot up to 26C, according to Weather Online.

Things will turn cloudier on Monday, although temperatures will stay in the low 20s and the sunshine will return on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The weather will be warm and sunny today as south, south-east and south-west England enjoy heat in the low 20s, while the rest of the UK experiences temperatures in the high teens.

Tomorrow should be slightly hotter, peaking at 23C in places.

It will be dry and sunny in England, Wales and southern Scotland in the morning, some of which will be hazy in the north.

a close up of a map: Temperatures will peak on Sunday© Provided by Reach Publishing Services Limited Temperatures will peak on Sunday

Northern Ireland and Scotland will be cloudy with rain, heavy at times, while rain will sink southwards to affect all of Scotland and Northern Ireland later.

Sunday is set to be a scorcher, with highs of 26C and sunshine in south, south-east, south-west and east England, although rain is possible in north-west England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A spokesman for said: “High pressure will tend to drift further east through the weekend, allowing a warmer southwesterly flow back in, so warming up.

“High pressure close enough to keep much of the UK dry and fine with sunshine on Saturday, but it will turn cloudy and windy across Scotland, while becoming increasingly wet across the north and west.

“Sunday staying dry, sunny and warm across southern England, temperatures reaching the mid 20s but further north a cold front will sink south across northern then central areas, with outbreaks of rain along it, though becoming drier and brighter across Scotland in the afternoon.”

Next week is also likely to be a warm and sunny affair as high pressure hangs over the UK, ensuring dry and pleasant conditions.

a person walking in the rain holding an umbrella on a rainy day: Sunday will be rainy for some, despite the hot conditions in the south© PA Sunday will be rainy for some, despite the hot conditions in the south
Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said there will be warm air in the south of the UK and cooler conditions in Scotland on Sunday.

a group of people sitting at a crowded beach: Temperatures will reach the low to mid 20s over the next few days© PA Temperatures will reach the low to mid 20s over the next few days
Met Office five-day weather forecast
Early cloud across southern England will soon clear, leaving most parts dry with sunny spells, and feeling pleasantly warm after a chilly start. Breezy with scattered showers across western and northern Scotland, and maybe a shower in Northern Ireland too.

Many areas will be dry with long clear periods, allowing it to widely become chilly. Becoming windy with some rain into the far northwest later.

a young boy sitting at a beach: The heatwave will bring sun to the south of the country© Getty Images The heatwave will bring sun to the south of the country
Gales and rain, heavy at times, will affect central and northern Scotland. Fine elsewhere, with plenty of sunshine and warm in the south. Windy in northern England and Northern Ireland.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:
Rain across central areas on Sunday, edging south and fragmenting on Monday. Showery and windy in northern Scotland, but otherwise plenty of dry weather. Often chilly overnight.


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