PM Mitsotakis on Skai TV: Slowly but surely, security and order restored in Greece

The government is determined to eliminate domestic terrorism, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview to Skai TV on Sunday morning.

Referring to a weeked sweep by police that resulted in 15 detentions and two arrests, he said that “a very dangerous operational branch of neo-terrorism in Greece” was dismantled, noting that a methodical operation had led to a water-tight court file, now in the hands of justice. Mitsotakis also congratulated the Counterterrorism Service for its work and stressed that “slowly but surely, security and order is being restored in Greece.”

He also referred to an investigation of Economic University premises by police on Sunday morning, underlining that universities should be handed over to students “and end be put to hideouts, destructive rioters and firebomb-making labs.”

Speaking of the economy, the premier said that the excess primary surplus would be distributed at the end of the year to vulnerable segments of society, while he added that the property tax (ENFIA) will be reduced next year as well, though not for “those who have villas on Mykonos.”

On migration, Mitsotakis said that the system is “tightening up” and focusing on giving asylum to migrants who qualify, while the rest will be returned. More details on centers where migrants will await return will be announced shortly. Referring to the EU, he said it is gradually changing its position on asylum, and, referring to Turkey’s stance on migration, he said the government will not negotiate under threats or bullying.

On recent decisions by the Council of State – the country’s highest administrative court – about past pension withholdings, he said the government will adopt the rulings and any pay-backs will be covered through the new insurance system and tax reforms. The new insurance system, he stressed, will be simple and fair.

The premier said the government is implementing its electoral campaign promises and will abolish extra fees withheld from freelancers and business owners the latest by 2023, and asserted the government will complete its four-year term in 2023



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