Georgia’s Alpha Gyro Grill Expanding In-and-Out

The Alpha Gyro Grill in Gainesville, Georgia has proved so popular since opening last year that it’s already time to expand, inside and out, adding seats but also turning to catering as people want Greek food at events too.

“Most of the business is going to catering and pick-up-and-go,” Christos Nicolaou, co-owner at the restaurant with his wife Sally Griffin and friend George Giannoulas told The Gainesville Times. “I care about the seating, but catering is more than that.”

“Business has been a blessing,” Nicolaou said. “It’s been good, but every two days I need supplies. I run out of supplies, so I need some place for storage,” especially to keep inventory for the catering side of the business which is booming big.

Inside, work has gone on as well with a design inspired by Pyrgi, a town in Chios, Greece, that has become a signature at Alpha. “It is a design in only one Greek village…we use that as sort of a symbol for us. It’s Greek. It doesn’t look Greek, but it is,” he said.


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