Top EU official criticises ‘unnecessary damage’ of Brexit in damning ‘love letter’ to Britain

A top EU official has written a damning “love letter” to Britain in which he launches a scathing attack on the “unnecessary damage” caused by Brexit. 

Frans Timmermans, the European Commission vice-president said he was “deeply hurt” by the UK’s decision to leave the bloc.

In a letter to the Guardian titled, “My love letter to Britain: family ties can never really be severed,” Mr Timmermans said more “damage” is likely to happen especially now that Brexit looks to go ahead after Boris Johnson won his landslide majority. 

“In the process so much unnecessary damage has been done to you, and all of us. And I fear more will follow,” he continued.


“Truth be told, I felt deeply hurt when you decided to leave. Three years later I am just sad that a member of our family wants to sever our ties.” 

In the letter Timmermans declared his ‘”love for Britain”, recalling how he attended St George’s British International School in Rome and appeared in a Gilbert and Sullivan production. 

But he added that the UK believe they are “unique and different” then went on to say they are “perhaps” less different from European countries than they think.

Mr Timmermans went on to say that Britain would be welcome to return even if it seems like a remote prospect after the Conservatives December 12 election win with a huge 80-seat majority. 

Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal has already passed its first stage in Parliament and is expected to complete its passage in the New Year. 

MEPs will also have to vote on the withdrawal agreement in the European Parliament but they are unlikely to stand in its way. 


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