Most Cypriots can’t make ends meet with their wages

Yet another study has been published confirming that the overwhelming majority of Cypriot society isn’t living on the cloud of the supposed “success story” of the government and its powerful friends.

A study of the University of Nicosia and the IMR company, which was conducted between October-November 2019, has revealed that more than half of Cypriots can’t make ends meet with their wages.

In fact, about one in four Cypriots say that compared to the previous year, the financial situation of his/her household has deteriorated.

This situation is due to a policy that has been implemented through fire and water by the government and governing DISY party for the last 7 years. This policy includes privatizations, foreclosures, the dismantling of labour relations, cuts in wages and, of course, an unprecedented for our country increase in corruption. A lot for the few and nothing for the many. These are the negative results of the 7-year Anastasiades-DISY administration.


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