Minneapolis’ Naughty Greek Sinfully Delicious Too

It’s not pita in the sky for Angelo Giovanis, the chef-owner behind two St. Paul locations of the Naughty Greek, who said he was raring to bring his food to downtown Minneapolis’ skyways.

“The customers downtown are different…very hip and well-educated, most of them really know what they want…they’ve experienced travel, they’re much more open,” Giovanis said to City Pages about his excitement over opening his first Minneapolis location.

“It’s an experiment. Looking for the reaction is what I’m excited to see,” he said, adding that he’s experimenting with the menu and will vary it from other Naughty Greek locations because of the fast-paced atmosphere.

“We’ve taken our menu and condensed it to pitas – the sandwiches, y’know the gyros, salads, and we’re also…everybody’s asking for these ‘bowls’ now, so we’ve taken what we typically have as a ‘plate’ in our regular restaurants and we’ve basically said the plate has become a bowl.”

This Naughty Greek will feature a queue where customers order directly from cooks, who will ask what options they’d like from various items, working their way down a counter to the cashier in true fast casual style.

Source: Thenationalherald.com

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