AKEL will take initiatives to denounce Turkey’s new provocation on Famagusta, Cyprus

Journalist’s questions on the Cyprus problem
Replying to a journalist’s question on the President of the Republic’s meeting with the President of the European Council:
AKEL will also take specific initiatives to denounce Turkey and demand an end to Turkey’s provocative actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, but above all on the issue that has now arisen with Varosha.
We will address the UN Secretary General, the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council and the EU institutions to denounce Turkey’s new provocation. We shall also seek to promote relevant resolutions in the European Parliament too. In addition, we intend to organize a major mobilization in Deryneia. It will take place on Thursday 27th February at 6:00 pm, to condemn Turkey’s escalating provocation and at the same time, to convey the message that all this will end if we manage to resume the negotiations and reach a solution of the Cyprus problem. It is the only secure way to put an end to these actions forever. There is no other way.
Asked by a reporter about the President’s bringing back of the proposal for the establishment of a technical committee on Famagusta.
I have not seen the proposal of the President of the Republic. I’ve seen the relevant press reports. I wouldn’t like to prejudge anything. It would be better to first look at the proposal of the President of the Republic. What I can say is that there are relevant UN Resolutions and that we would welcome any action aimed at giving an impetus to the implementation of those Resolutions. But, again, the surest way to solve the Famagusta problem is to solve the Cyprus problem.

Source: Parikiaki.com

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