Indiana’s Greek Restaurants Offer Relief: Avgolemeno

Being locked in the house is no fun during the COVID-19 pandemic and Greek diners in the northwest Indiana area say the traditional avgolemeno chicken-egg-lemon soup can offer some soothing relief.

NWI.Com pointed out a number of them which have the delicacy, such as The Commander, Round the Clock, and The Stuffed Pepper who serve it in a variety of styles, including thick and creamy or tart and citrusy, adding, “it’s sometimes called Greek penicillin because all the vitamin C may cure the most stubborn flu or recalcitrant cold.”

Jedi’s Garden has a 50-year-old family recipe for Lemon Rice Soup that’s been savored for generations. “Only two people make it,” he said. “It’s a secret recipe we don’t show anyone,” chef Robert Nava said.

Lemon rice soup sells best during the winter, but it’s popular year-round, Nava said. It easily outsells tomato bisque and chicken noodle at the diner in Griffith, Indiana.

“We go through 20 gallons of it daily,” he said. “It’s a good comfort soup. People like the consistency. We sell quart after quart of it.” For those with milder cases of the virus it’s something to welcome into their home.


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