Want to help fight Covid-19? Your phone can support research while you sleep

Looking for a way you can help contribute to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic? An app from UK network Vodafone is now helping contribute to research into the coronavirus, and your phone can help out.

The Vodafone Foundation is working with doctors and researchers at Imperial College London to speed up Covid-19 research with its existing DreamLab app.

The Vodafone Foundation first launched its DreamLab app in 2015 to help researchers treat various types of cancers. Given the fact it has had years to hone the app’s features and the infrastructure behind it, redirecting the app’s efforts temporarily to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic seems like a welcome temporary switch.  

In case you missed it the first time around, DreamLab uses the collective computing power of its user’s smartphones to analyze complex data. This all happens while users are asleep, so they don’t feel the impact of the app on their phone’s performance. 

The additional computing capability the app generates gives scientists access to much-needed processing clout, supporting them in identifying existing drugs and food-based molecules that may benefit Covid-19 patients and more.

Source: Techradar.com

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