George Lois Offers His Vintage Idea for Greek Tourism Hopes

It’s been 35 years since Madison Avenue marketing whiz and Ad Man George Lois had the great idea to help his homeland Greece keep tourists coming in the wake of hijacking a plane in Athens, putting celebrities – who weren’t Greek – in front of a camera to say, “And now, I’m going home…to Greece,” the birthplace of western civilization.

It could work again, he told the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, to get people to come after COVID-19 lockdowns are lifted and international air traffic picks up, knowing they’ll have to be convinced.

Deeply proud of his Greek heritage – ripping those he said tried to hide it to build success, he had this advice: “Stay the course. Be proud of who you are. Greeks have been the shining light of democracy for 2,000 years. There are always highs and lows, but the Greek people will eventually show their strength and resilience…But once life begins to return to normal, I assure you a campaign enlisting some of the most famous American celebrities, all going home to Greece, would immediately revive the Greek economy.”


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