UK weather forecast: Brits brace for more rain before weekend of sunshine

Brits are braced for a wet end to the week before temperatures warm up for weekend of sunshine.

It will be mostly cloudy and muggy across England and Wales with rain or drizzle on Thursday, the Met Office said, while it will be brighter across Scotland, with a few showers breaking out later in the day.

Patchy rain, drizzle and low cloud will clear from England and Wales on Thursday night and there will be clear spells in the north and west.

There could be some some showery rain for parts of Scotland and northern England.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell told the Standard: “The next 24 hours or so will be a bit wet across parts of the UK, especially Wales, the Midlands and northern England. For southern areas it’s a bit more on and off rain.”

Friday will be a mix of sunny spells and showers for much of the UK.

Showers will be heavy in the east with a risk of thunder, while western areas see fewer showers and more sunshine.

It will feel fresher in the south as temperatures start to rise.

Mr Snell said the Met Office is “keeping a close eye on the heavy showers Friday”, with 10-20mm set to soak especially Wales, bringing with it a localised flooding risk.

The weekend is expected to be fine, dry and settled, forecasters said, but it will become less so across the north from Sunday as some rain arrives and spreads slowly south east.

“We may well get up to 25C in the London area, but in general low 20s in other parts of England and Wales,” Mr Snell said.

“Certainly it will be warmer than July so far and there’s hints that the high pressure may hang around to give us a more prolonged settled spell of sunshine next week.”

The 40mph gales of earlier this week will also reduce, with south east England seeing the strongest winds, at 20mph.


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