House prices too high for you? Here’s where to find a cheap fixer-upper

House prices have recently bucked the predicted trends and risen, but if an enforced stay at home during lockdown left you wanting to move, you’re not alone. Some 78 per cent of Brits are unhappy with their homes, a survey by MyJobQuote has found.

But if this is you and yet high house prices are making a move seem out of the question, turning your sights to a fixer-upper could be the solution. Buy a home in need of renovation and you can save money on the purchase price and then make the improvements that will turn it into the home of your dreams, fitting your individual needs and style rather than the previous owner’s tastes.

Where to find these properties with potential? MyJobQuote checked Zoopla house listings in 20 cities round the UK to find the total number of properties needing renovation compared to the total number of houses for sale to find the answer.

For maximum choice, Northern Ireland leads the field with 60.6 per cent of houses for sale in Belfast in need of renovation. Another Northern Irish city, Derry, provides the next most fixer-uppers with 35.9 per cent needing work.

Back in England number three slot on the list goes to Brighton, where out of 1,188 homes listed for sale, 35.2 per cent need work. Next come Wolverhampton, Hull and Canterbury with 32.8, 31.4 and 30.3 per cent of houses respectively needing work.

Planning on moving within or to Scotland? Aberdeen’s where you’ll find the biggest choice of properties with the potential to add value and put your own stamp on with 29.5 per cent of house listings stating that properties are in need of renovation.

Also making the top 10 areas where you might want to concentrate your search for a fixer-upper are Exeter, Leicester and Worcester with 25.9, 23.2 and 22.4 per cent of homes for sale respectively ripe for renovations.

But what if you’d prefer a ready-to-move into property and don’t have time for improvements? You could look in Chelmsford where only 17.5 per cent of homes need work, or Liverpool, where just 18 per cent of the homes for sale are listed as in need of renovation.

London was excluded from the survey to avoid anomalous results, and you can check out the full top 20 below. 


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