Halle Berry says dating a friend’s ex is a ‘cardinal sin’

Halle Berry has revealed she would never date a friend’s ex, calling it a “cardinal sin”.

The Catwoman actress shared her stance on the relationship matter during an episode of her Instagram series “Bad & Booshy,” where she and friend Lindsay Flores answer fan questions.

In response to an enquiry from a fan who asked: “Would you ever date your friend’s ex-boyfriend or ex-husband?” Berry responded with a firm no.

After Flores interjected that she would “definitely not date any” of Berry’s exes, the actress added while laughing: “Well, you wouldn’t want to.”

The 54-year-old then elaborated on her reasoning for saying no, explaining: “That’s a cardinal sin. Like, you don’t date your bestie’s exes.

“If I know you, I’m not dating your past nothing ‘cause that’s just not cool.”

Berry also revealed she would not date a friend’s past partner even if the ex had the potential to be her “soulmate”.

“My soulmate is not in the form of anybody I know’s exes,” she said. “That’s just not.”

And, according to the actress, the rule applies even if a friend only went on a couple dates with the person.

“If my friend’s only been out with them twice he’s not on my list,” Berry continued. “That’s how I feel.”

“There’s too many of them in the world for me to choose from someone you once thought about,” she added while pointing at Flores. “No, no and no. End of story.”

The mother-of-two’s responses prompted approval in the comments, where many of her more than 6.7m followers shared their agreement.

“I’m the same way, that’s just the rule!” one person commented, while another said: “Say it again Halle!”

Berry is currently dating singer Van Hunt, whom she has reportedly been in a relationship with since September.

She was previously married to David Justice from 1993 to 1997, Eric Benét from 2001 to 2005 and Olivier Martinez from 2013 to 2016.

Source: Independent.co.uk

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