AKEL is totally opposed to Cyprus sending military equipment to Ukraine

The Government Spokesperson reiterated, in his statements to the “New York Times” newspaper, the scenarios about military equipment being sent to Ukraine. Apparently the government has not stopped discussing this possibility behind the scenes with the United States. The position of the government and the ruling DISY party is both dangerous and adventurist.
Sending military equipment to Ukraine means Cyprus’ direct involvement in the war with all the consequences that this will have for our country. Furthermore, the idea of replacing the Russian military equipment of the Cyprus National Guard with Western/NATO equipment ignores the consequences that this will have, at least for a considerable period of time, on the country’s defence and security.
The pressure exerted by the US and the EU on European states to send military weapons to Ukraine, instead of opting for the assumption of diplomatic initiatives by the UN and the EU for a ceasefire, peace and a return to dialogue, is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire of a war which is now taking on nightmarish proportions for humanity.
AKEL is totally opposed to the sending of military material to Ukraine. We call on all political forces in the country to take a clear position on the issue.


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