A big requirement for conserving nature is to be able to effectively monitor and analyse trends in the populations of various species. Historically, parts of the island were not consistently monitored due to lack of experienced volunteers and equipment.

At the beginning of this project by KUŞKOR and BirdLife Cyprus, a bicommunal workshop was organised during which potential volunteers expressed their interest in participating in wetland bird monitoring. Following the workshop, field training was organised with volunteers at Mia Milia Sewage Treatment Works, which is recognized as an Important Bird Area. At the same time, 2 spotting scopes were purchased, enabling the volunteers to conduct wetland bird surveys more effectively.

As a result, most key wetlands throughout the island are now monitored monthly, with all 36 wetland sites being monitored at least twice a year. Additionally, a case study was presented of Palaikythro (Balıkesir) pools, part of which has been converted to a rubbish dump in recent years. KUŞKOR used data from the project to advocate to the Department for Environmental Protection to take action to instruct the Municipality to stop dumping waste and clean up this site.

Ultimately, a more complete image of the bird community in Cyprus starts to form through systematic data collection and bicommunal contributions, combining the joined expertise of the two avifauna guardian organisations to protect the bird diversity of the island.

Source: Parikiaki.com

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