Cyprus revenue from tourism exceed €1 billion in January-September 2021

Revenue from tourism for the period of January – September 2021 jumped by an annual 250% exceeding €1 billion, but still remain below the pre-COVID respective period.

According to data release by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat) revenue from tourism for the period of January – September reached €1,045.2 mn compared to €298.9 mn in the corresponding period of 2020, recording an increase of 249.7%

Compared with January-September 2019, tourist revenue were down by 53.2%, Cystat added.

In September 2021 tourist revenue amounted to €268.2 million marking an increase of 323.7% compared with September 2020. Compared with September 2019 (€377.2 mn), there was a decrease of 28,9%.


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