England fans “praying” for win at Euros

By Martin Banks

Praying is the most common ritual for England fans before a game at the Euros in Germany, with one in five (22.2%) fans admitting to doing this before their team play.

The survey findings come just ahead of England’s much awaited clash with Switzerland in the Euro on Saturday night.

After a tense game against Slovakia on Sunday, England scraped through to the quarter-finals by scoring in the 95th minute and securing the winning goal during extra time.

However, many fans might credit this nail-biting victory to their good luck charms.

So, what good luck charms are fans relying on ahead of the game against Switzerland this Saturday?

A survey by Betway reveals which rituals and lucky charms are the most common for England football fans at the Euros 2024.

The findings show that:

· One in five England fans set to pray ahead of matches during the Euros

· 64% of England fans admit to feeling nervous about England making the semi-final

· 15% admit to having a teddy bear as their good luck charm

· Football shirts are revealed as the most popular lucky charm with 35.2% admitting to having one to hand

· 35.2% of fans admitted to having a specific shirt as a lucky charm during an important Euros match. Fans in Southampton are most likely to have a football shirt lucky charm (46.34%), while fans in Bristol are the least likely (15.9%).

· A football scarf comes next, with just under a quarter (24%) of all football fans voting for this. This is followed by a football hat (19.7%), specific socks (19.4%) and lucky jewellery (16%).

· Kissing a team emblem also makes the top five in the list. 19.5% of all football fans we surveyed said they do this during a match. Notably, one in ten (10.7%) football fans in London say they refuse to shower during the tournament to help bring good luck to the England team.

· Fans in Leeds are pre-match praying the most (30.4%).

The survey gathered data from over 2,000 England football fans from different areas of the country.

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