Initiatives to protect environment on Greek islands

The Mihalos Foundation, represented by Chairman Peter Mihalos, last weekend signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Elliniko-Argyroupoli mayor and president of the association for the protection of Mount Hymettus, Giannis Konstantatos, for the foundation to implement initiatives concerning island path networks and the protection of the environment, during the Nisyrian Dialogues conference on the island of Nisyros.

The initiatives aim at the protection of the environment not only on Nisyros but across all of the country’s islands.

Halki, also in the Dodecanese, leads the way for all islands in the context of the GR-eco Islands initiative, aimed at tackling the climate crisis and the transformation of the islands into international models of green and sustainable development, said Alexandra Sdoukou, deputy minister for the environment, who added: “There is no more time. Time is a luxury and we all need to act with initiatives and faster in order to face the extreme weather conditions and the effects of the climate crisis in our country.”

Former energy minister Yannis Maniatis noted at the same conference that the area south of Crete contains some significant hydrocarbon reserves that could give Greece the chance to upgrade itself in geostrategic terms and become a natural gas supply hub for the whole of the European Union.

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