Israelis pulled off flight from Cyprus to Tel Aviv for unruly behavior

A flight from Cyprus to Israel was delayed Thursday morning, reportedly after a group of Israeli passengers became unruly and were taken off the plane.

According to the Ynet news site, six Israeli youths were arrested by Cypriot police after they were removed from the plane for throwing a bottle at a woman and fighting with the flight staff.

“The plane was already moving and the flight attendants came to see what was happening,” Itzik Ifergan, who was also aboard the TUS Airways flight from Larnaca to Tel Aviv, told Ynet. “The guys who threw the bottle just laughed at them and smiled among themselves.”

Channel 12 news reported that the pilot stopped taxiing and returned to the gate, where those involved were removed from the plane and detained. The flight then proceeded as scheduled and landed in Israel with a slight delay.


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