Let’s bring Change for Justice to prevail ìn Cyprus

Let’s bring Change for Justice to prevail

Article by Giorgos T. Georgiou – Member of the Political Bureau of AKEL, District Secretary of AKEL Limassol.

Saturday 27 August 2022, “Haravgi” newspaper

The Report released by the Audit Office on the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP) shows once again the grave responsibilities of the Nicos Anastasiades – DISY government. Ten years in power they have plunged the country into scandals, corruption and entanglement/interwoven interests.

The Audit Office points out the enormous responsibilities of an economic and political crime that has never before been committed in Cyprus. As the spokesperson of the Audit Office, Marios Petrides, said, the Cyprus Investment Programme “was left in tatters until the end, with the loss in VAT amounting to €200 million and the loss from the collection of fees amounting to €25 million. There was also the cancellation of contracts amounting to EUR 1 billion, with EUR 3.5 billion of contracts outstanding”.

The Report also notes that of the 3,517 cases of persons granted citizenship as investors, there were a large number of passports granted that did not meet the criteria in force. It seems clear that the Ministry of Interior concealed the findings of its officials from the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives. At the same time, it was found that the Council of Ministers proceeded to approve 74 applications for the granting of citizenship aware that there were deviations from the Law and the criteria that were set.

The findings of the Report clearly demonstrate that there was immense non-transparency, corruption, conflict of interest and illicit enrichment. It is no coincidence that the Republic of Cyprus has been denounced for committing violations by all international and European institutions. Just as it is no coincidence that Cyprus is ranked at the bottom of the table by all international indicators. This is precisely how the government ruling forces have tarnished and discredited the Republic of Cyprus.

According to the Report, the Office of President Anastasiades is being pointed to in the case of the Ayia Napa luxury Marina, where eight citizenships were granted illegally and despite all the warnings issued from the institutions without the criteria having been met, with the President’s daughters being directly involved.

The report also reveals that over the years a huge ‘feast’ has been set up for granting ‘golden’ passports, turning the CIP into an industry, drawing applicants from the entire international underworld.

Unfortunately, instead of taking on its responsibility, the government says it will study the report further, at a time when in other countries governed by the rule of law it would have resigned. In Cyprus the government ruling forces were not disturbed in the slightest. Where are the institutions and the Attorney General’s Office to order the carrying out of an immediate criminal investigation and bring the guilty parties to justice? How much cover-up and impunity?

It is only natural that every citizen is demanding catharsis and that the guilty should be punished in an exemplary manner with the return of all stolen goods. That’s how the rot will be cleaned, that’s how justice will be delivered! And because presidential elections are coming up, I hope and pray that the Cypriot voter will think twice about what he/she will do! Neither the original [DISY candidate] Mr. Averof, nor the copy Mr. Nikos Christodoulides are the solution, precisely because they are part of the huge crime committed. They are the same side of the same coin. The people are demanding solutions with clean hands. They are demanding for real change.

Andreas Mavroyiannis is the only sure and safe solution, without the baggage of the past, an honest, untarnished and reliable person. He can lead the country, he can inspire the people to rebuild the new Cyprus on new solid and healthy foundations. He is the only candidate who, according to his statements, if honored by the people’s vote, can bring all the guilty to justice.

For the reports of the Court of Auditors and all the institutions to have any meaning and substance, effective solutions are also needed that will set an example and foster a new culture of credibility and honesty among our people.


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