Marina Vlachaki Performs Songs With Passion And Authenticity To Convey The Intensity And Sincerity Of Emotions


Interview by Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis

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Marina Vlachaki stands as a captivating figure in the Greek music scene, her voice a beacon of passion and artistry. Born with a natural talent and nurtured by a deep love for music, Vlachaki effortlessly weaves melodies that resonate with the soul. With a voice that carries the weight of tradition yet embraces contemporary flair, she mesmerizes audiences with her performances. Each note she sings seems to evoke emotions that transcend language barriers, speaking directly to the heart. Through her artistry, Marina Vlachaki not only honors the rich musical heritage of Greece but also pushes its boundaries, carving a path uniquely her own in the vast landscape of world music.


When was the first time you experienced music?

I started getting in touch with music at a very young age, around 3. My first experience was playing with my toys and singing, as my parents encouraged me to do so.

Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

Botis Thalassinos, a well-known painter and my uncle, cousin of my father, helped me professionally in music by introducing me to a conductor from America.

How did your professional journey in music begin?

I started taking lessons with the conductor and then made my first appearance in a music hall, where Georgios Hatzinasios listened to me singing and gave me the opportunity to start singing professionally.

Who were the first artists you collaborated with?

I collaborated with big names such as Dimitris Mitropanos, Haris Klynn, Manolis Mitsias, and many others who gave me the opportunity to develop myself in the music industry.

How do you feel about seeing your success and recognition as a singer?

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many great artists and to gain recognition in the music industry.

How did your collaboration with Stratos Dionysiou affect you, both professionally and personally?

My collaboration with Stratos Dionysiou had a huge impact both professionally and personally. Professionally, it offered me valuable lessons in vocal technique and eye contact with the audience. Personally, it made me realize the importance of attention and dedication to my profession, as well as to my life in general.

What was the most important lesson you learned from him?

The most important lesson I learned from Stratos was attention to detail and realizing that nightlife hides many secrets and traps. Also, he taught me to be consistent and emotionally stable in my work.

Which of your two parents, your mother or your father, had a greater influence on your career choice?

My mother was stricter regarding my choice of a music career. However, my father was more cooperative and supported me more in my decision.

How did Stratos contribute to your development and dedication to music?

Stratos significantly contributed to my professional development by helping me improve my techniques and stage presence. Additionally, he gave me valuable advice that guided me throughout my career.

Which songs are considered timeless in the Greek music scene and why?

Timeless songs are those that hold deep emotional and poetic content, combined with music that represents the era of their creation. These songs are recognized for their ability to touch the listener’s soul, maintaining their influence today.

What elements do you believe make a song timeless?

Timeless songs usually have a unique combination of lyrics, music, and performance that resonate with human emotional experiences. Additionally, these songs often reflect the social and cultural reality of their time, making them even more significant for the audience.

How does the sincerity and authenticity of an artist during a song affect its longevity?

The sincerity and authenticity of the artist can make a song more emotionally charged and connected to the audience. This genuine expression can imprint on the audience’s memory, making the song unforgettable.

How do singers who perform songs merely perfunctorily differ from those who do it with passion and authenticity?

Singers who perform songs with passion and authenticity convey the intensity and sincerity of emotions, while those who do it perfunctorily may leave the audience indifferent. Passion and authenticity usually make an artist memorable.

How has Stratos’s loss affected the artistic world and public opinion?

Stratos’s loss has caused shock in the artistic world and public opinion, as he was a beloved and iconic artist. His loss has created a void in Greece’s music and cultural heritage space.

How do you deal with all those rumors about you?

All these rumors are confronted with determination, dedication, and the creation of positive relationships as well as collaborations.

Who is your biggest ally in all those rumors about you?

My greatest ally is the fans and their love for my music. This support strengthens my positive approach to life.

How do you choose the songs you perform or produce? What is your criterion for selecting them?

I choose songs that emotionally resonate with me and allow me to express myself sincerely and authentically.

How do you evaluate the success of a song? What gives you satisfaction as an artist?

The success of a song is not only measured by financial gains but also by its impact on the souls of the audience and its timelessness. Audience satisfaction is a substantial part of a song’s success, reflecting the power of connection that music creates between the artist and the audience.

Do you continue to receive proposals for collaborations and new songs?

I have several proposals for collaborations and new songs, and it’s something I carefully consider each time to make the right decision.

What message are you trying to convey through your music?

Love is medicine for the world, grudges are the worst, and we must take care of ourselves and others first.

How do you address the idea that women face difficulties in the folk music industry?

I don’t believe that the industry is difficult for a woman. The quality of the song is what matters, not the gender of the artist.

Do you believe that women should come out and speak about all kinds of sexual harassment, even years later?

I see women who speak openly about the sexual harassment they have experienced very positively, and I believe it takes a lot of courage to speak such truth. And I believe that the response to any form of sexual harassment should be immediate and effective.

How do you react to malicious comments and gossip you receive online?

I react negatively to the malicious comments and gossip I receive online, but I recognize the need for respect and courtesy in the online behavior of others.

How do you interpret the fact that your absence from television can be interpreted as a “hiatus”?

I interpret my refraining from television as a latent perception, emphasizing that presence in mainstream media is not the sole indication of success or artistic value.

What are your future plans?

My future plans and dreams involve continuing my artistic career and performing for my fans.

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