Oakleigh Grammar School succeeds in student competitions across Victoria

During this year, Oakleigh Grammar students in Victoria had the opportunity to participate in three different competitions.  

Achievements of Oakleigh Grammar School students in student competitions

In Term 3, students partook in the Greek Public Speaking Festival. This is an annual festival organised by the Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria and all students who study Greek across Victoria can participate.

The students had to recite a Greek poem or story or present a speech on a specific topic. The festival gives students the opportunity to improve their oral skills and to have self-confidence in public speaking.

This year more than 100 students participated in the festival from different schools across Victoria. The following are winners from Oakleigh Grammar:

Year 5/6 Poetry Category:

  • Eva Bakalis, 1st Award
  • Melina Kompeliti, 2nd Award

Year 7/8 Poetry Category:

  • Tziovannis Konstantinidis, 3rd Award

Year 9/10 Poetry Category

  • Theo Beharis, 1st Award
  • Helen Kousourakis, 2nd Award
  • Natassa Starakis, 3rd Award

Year 5/6 Demostenia (Oral Presentation) Category:

  • Oliver Cooney, 3rd Award

More than 70 students from Oakleigh Grammar from Year 5 to Year 10 participated in the annual competition organised by the Australian-Hellenic Memorial Foundation. The aim of the competition is to explore the Australian and Greek involvement in Greece during both World Wars.

  • Adrianna Milonas (Year 4) won 1st Award in Yr4-Yr6 Category.
  • Alexandra Hatzipanagiotou (Year 5) won the Encouragement Award in Yr4-Yr6 Category.
  • Dimitra Ballis (Year 8) won 3rd Award in Yr7-Yr8 Category.
  • Konstantinidis Tziovannis (Year 8) won the Encouragement Award in Yr8-Yr9 Category.
  • Sign Rajveer (Year 10) won the 3rd Award in Yr10-Yr12 Category.

A group of Year 9 students participated in the 10th Student Film Festival. This competition offers students the opportunity to use the Greek Language in creative and innovative ways, whilst simultaneously encouraging the maintenance of the Greek Culture.

The topic for this year’s competition was: “Returning”. Students created their own film interpreting the topic in a very smart way. The title of the short film was “Memories from School”. The judges were very impressed with the film and Oakleigh Grammar students came send in the Secondary School Category.


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