PM notes high stakes of Euro elections

As the dust settled after Parliament’s rejection of the confidence motion against the government on Thursday night, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has linked the upcoming European elections to Greece’s political stability upon which country’s forward course hinges.

Addressing the cabinet on Friday, Mitsotakis said that everything that is happening in the political scene highlights “the double political weight of the June showdown.”

“On the one hand, the Greek representation in the European Parliament is being decided, where important battles await us at many levels: migration, defense, competitiveness of the European economy, more funds for our farmers,” he stressed, while noting at the same time that the elections are pivotal for “political stability and the continuation on a course that, despite the difficulties, leads us forward.”

It is clear that after the increasing political polarization due to the deadly Tempe train crash last year, Mitsotakis is seeking to rally his party base, given that voting in European elections is usually looser and is seen as a way to punish the government of the day.

Regarding the three-day battle in Parliament over the Tempe crash and its handling, the government believes that all the accusations against it have been refuted – perhaps for the first time to such an extent. Officials noted that Mitsotakis spoke with empathy and addressed society with candor and respect for the families of the victims, giving clear answers regarding the train accident.

“I think everyone now realizes that PASOK and SYRIZA will be competing in toxicity as we head toward the European elections,” Mitsotakis said, referring to his Parliament speech.

Moreover, a day after the toxic debate in Parliament, the government announced an increase in the minimum wage to 830 euros.

The dominant view in the government is that citizens primarily want to see results for their lives, which is a key priority for the government.

“On the contrary, what else is the opposition doing, apart from complaining?” said a government source.

The government, as much as it can and as much as the toxic climate allows, will go into the European elections with a positive agenda.

A key “weapon” is the family bill to be presented in May, which “concerns every Greek home,” government sources said.

Source: Εkathimerini.com

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