The Cypriot Community Centre opens its doors once again

According to the new relaxation measures announced, as of Monday 17 May, the Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green is able to reopen and bring the people of our Parikia together.
Provided that social distancing is observed, it is time to meet, and enjoy once again, the unique delicious recipes prepared by the cooks of the Centre, as they have done for so many years.
In line with the new measures, we were pleased to also announce that you will be able to once again engage in a game or two of favourites such as backgammon and cards, just like the days before the pandemic struck.
The Kafenion is waiting for you with excellent food and an amazing service from Koula Nikola. Breakfast is also served.
Let’s leave behind the pain and melancholy that the past year brought upon us and begin slowly returning to the normality we deserve.
We are waiting for you.
Hours of operation: Monday-Sunday 8:00am -7:00pm.
For take away orders, please call 020 8888 3587.


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