The Greek Online School and Hellenic Film Society Ask: How Greek Are You?

NEW YORK – The relationship people have with the Greek language and culture is a huge topic of great interest to many people involved with the effort to promote Hellenism. The worldwide Greek School, The Greek Online School, and the Hellenic Film Society USA (HFS) have a common goal; to make the Greek culture and language accessible to anyone interested no matter their background or place of origin. 

With one common goal, the Greek Online School and HFS have collaborated on the creation of a Greek Language & Culture Survey that will help bring answers about the relationship of people to Greece.

The many shapes and forms of “Greekness”

People in Greek communities come from various countries and relate to Greece in a plethora of ways. Everybody has their own special way of being Greek. Some people were born in Greece, others have a Greek partner, their families might come from Greece, they might have just moved to Greece and are looking to learn the language, and some simply love our country and culture and wish to gain a better understanding of it.

Languages are the vehicles to a people’s heart and the Greek language is at the core of Hellenic culture. That’s why this survey was created; to help the Greek Online School & HFS gather and present objective information, compare results and most importantly to help evoke discussions that broaden our perspective and help us get a better understanding of the ways people connect to Greece.

How do you connect to Greece?

The Greek Language & Culture Survey takes just five minutes and is available online:

Your help is truly valuable in the efforts to get a better understanding of the relationship people have with Greece and Greek culture. Your answers are confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the survey.

Greek cinema as a language tool and as a warm reminder of our roots

Whether it is a movie from the golden film era of the 50s and 60s with all the great actors that your Greek parents or grandparents grew to adore, or a more modern film, Greek cinema can be great and is usually very fun. Just like with every country, there are movies that are a waste of time. But there are also amazing ones that you will absolutely love and watch again and again not only as a way to revise your vocabulary, but as warm reminders of the culture that might be on the other side of the world but is still a big part of who you are.

This month’s movies presented by HFS are sponsored by The Greek Online School and are the perfect way to bring you a taste of Greece.

More information is available online:

The Greek Online School:

The Greek Language & Culture Survey:

The survey runs through May 31 with the results to be revealed in the first week of June.


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