Athena Diner Back in Fairfield, Connecticut – as Southport Diner

It’s a change of names – from Athena Diner to Southport Diner – but with the same offerings for a favorite diner in Fairfield, Connecticut that withstood the COVID-10 pandemic, shut down almost throughout the ongoing pandemic.

A longstanding local eatery has been revamped, and the owner hopes to see it once again become a favorite go-to for the community.

Southport Diner, which for decades was the Athena Diner at 3350 Post Road – just west of exit 19 on I-95 – faced some challenges with coronavirus restrictions, virtually closed the entire time.

But it’s now back in business with a refurbished flavor integrated into classic diner fare. “It’s old school meets modern eating,” owner Tony Pertesis, who virtually grew up in the diner business, told Patch.

His father, Leo Pertesis, has owned and operated the Andros Diner since 1973, where Tony got into the business, learning all the required jobs at a place that was open 24 hours a day.

“I feel like a diner is a place where people like to go late at night,” he said, hoping to keep expanding Southport Diner’s hours around the clock.


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