Christodoulides briefed his EU counterparts on his proposals for the Cyprus problem during Eurosummit

President Christodoulides had the opportunity to brief his counterparts in the European Council of his approach regarding the Cyprus issue, during the beginning of the second day of the summit which is dedicated to developments in the euro area.

According to a European official, the President’s intervention took place at the beginning of the Eurosummit, during which he repeated his “strong plea” that has already been made in public regarding an enhanced role for the EU in efforts towards a resumption of reunification negotiations.

The intervention was organised as a communication point, which means that there was no discussion on the issue following the President’s speech.

So far President Christodoulides has briefed the Presidents of the Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament on the ways in which the EU can contribute to restarting negotiations, as well as how a negotiation process could progress along with developments in EU – Turkey relations.

On Thursday night the President had the opportunity to talk with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the margins of the summit, and he is expected to have a similar conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron today.


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