Climate change a vital issue for 90% of Cypriots, study shows

Climate change is a vital issue for the future for 90% of Cypriots and 50% say that it has affected its everyday life, according to a study by “Friends of the Earth-Cyprus” in cooperation with Eratosthenis Center of Excellence of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT).

A press release by the University says that the research was done in the framework of «ASTARTE» (EXCELLENCE/0918/0341), project and 416 citizens were asked to reply to a questionnaire.

The aim was to reach to conclusions as regards the climate change and people’s everyday lives and how education and awareness could play a significant role in informing people and passing on the right messages.

The press release says that these conclusions could be used to form environmentally friendly policies and strategies with the aim to mitigate the effects of climate change , to protect the ecosystem and to safeguard the social stability and economic growth in a more sustainable manner.

Cypriots believe that the rise of temperature and prolonged heatwaves are the most severe phenomena that affect our area while they think that reduction of rainfall and rise in the intensity of waves are less important phenomena. They also rank high in climate change effects the dust waves, the floods and the bushfires.

Of the changes in their everyday routine because of the climate change the citizens who replied mentioned the change in their work timetable and the external activities as a result of the high temperatures, the installment of AC units in places that did not have before and the more frequent use of them.


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