Cyprus and US Defence Ministries hold first meeting on defence and security

Delegations of the Ministries of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America, held today, in Nicosia, their first meeting in the framework of the dialogue between the two countries on defense and security issues, a press release said.

“During the consultations, the delegations of the two countries had the opportunity to discuss recent developments and progress achieved in security and defence, while recording the prospects of further strengthening existing cooperation through additional joint actions and by concluding new agreements”, it said.

The two delegations also discussed other issues of mutual interest concerning the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as issues of international nature, according to the press release.

“Since the signing of the Joint Declaration of Intent on Security Cooperation in 2018, significant progress has been achieved towards strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries”, it was noted.

The press release said that Cyprus and the US “share common interests in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region and work together to address emerging threats, thus contributing to security and stability in the region”.

It said that recently Cyprus joined the US International Military Education Training program and acquired the ability to buy US non-lethal equipment and supplies. In addition, a number of joint trainings and exercises have taken place between the armed forces of the two countries.


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