Cyprus Cabinet to discuss new measures to contain Covid

The Council of Ministers on Tuesday is set to discuss new measures to contain the spread of the Covid pandemic.

The measures will be tabled by Health Minister Michael Hadjipantela who met with the Scientific Advisory Committee on the pandemic yesterday.

Sources told CNA that among the measures discussed were the extension of school holiday until January 10 with teachers and pupils returning to schools with a negative rapid test valid for 48 hours.

Among the suggestions discussed, was the obligation to carry out weekly rapid tests for vaccinated persons who received two doses while persons who received a booster shot are exempt.

The same sources said there will be no change in restrictions for social gatherings and the limit will remain at 20 persons, while advisors suggested that unvaccinated persons should obtain a 24-hour rapid test and vaccinated persons a 48-hour rapid test to be able to participate in social gatherings.

Among the suggestions discussed was that youth aged 12-15 could enter certain areas where entry is permitted only for vaccinated persons, after presenting a negative rapid test when escorted for a parent who has completed his/her vaccination.


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