Cyprus: Female entrepreneurship is a beacon of hope towards a more promising future for our youth and generations to come

Under the current adverse circumstances Europe and the entire world are facing, female entrepreneurship is a beacon of hope towards a more promising future for our youth and generations to come, regardless of gender, House President, Annita Demetriou said, addressing on Friday evening the Red Diamond International Business Women Awards 2022”, organized by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Demetriou said that recent developments, including the energy-related challenges brought about by the ongoing war in Ukraine, generate opportunities for Cyprus to further consolidate its role as a pillar of security and stability in the region, an investment hub and an important actor in the EU’s efforts for energy diversification and energy security.

She reassured that the Cyprus House of Representatives remains strongly committed to support Cyprus’ path towards recovery and economic growth and to facilitate investments through its legislative work, adding that legislation on renewable energy sources and the promotion of strategic investments is currently being examined by the House.

“The advancement of Cyprus as a regional and international business hub must go hand in hand with reinforcing the role of women, not only in the entrepreneurial sector, but in all fields of the economy. Women in Cyprus, be they Cypriot of other origins, are excelling in various fields, including industry, business, research, innovation, science and the arts; and it is an honour to be among some of them today. Cyprus has made leaps in this direction over the last decades”, she noted.

But she went on to say that despite some progress achieved, Cyprus ranks 21st in the EU on the 2021 Gender Equality Index adding that women remain underrepresented in politics, leadership and decision-making positions.

The House President noted that the gender dimension must therefore be horizontally reflected and further promoted in all policies of the state, including the vital sectors of the economy, trade, businesses and investments, adding that the role of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry can be instrumental in this direction.

“Promoting gender equality, which is essentially a matter of human rights, democracy, and justice, lies among my top priorities, as a young politician and the first female President of the Cyprus House of Representatives. The House has passed important legislation for the criminalization of sexism, harassment, stalking and combating violence against women. Moreover, I have spearheaded an amendment to the Law ratifying the Istanbul Convention, by which “femicide” has been introduced as a crime per se”, Demetriou pointed out.


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