Cyprus Forestry Department to give away 100,000 trees

The Cyprus Forestry Department will give away 100,000 trees this year in the framework of the government`s initiative “Planting for Climate”, Environment Minister Costas Kadis has said.

In a written statement about an initiative on Saturday by the Forestry Department to give plants and saplings to the public, Kadis expressed his great satisfaction, noting that the initiative was welcomed by families who rushed to designated spots to collect their trees for free and the Department issued an announcement soon after to urge people not to show up as there were no more trees to be given.

He praised citizens for their interest and said that the message from all over Cyprus is that people want to plant trees and contribute to actions to tackle climate crisis.

Kadis added that soon there will be announcements about a new initiative noting that in the context of the “Planting for Climate” initiative last year the Forestry Department gave for free 70,000 trees and that this year it would give away 100,000.


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