Cyprus is concerned over China’s COVID-19 surge, said Health Minister

The Ministry of Health in Cyprus is concerned over the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in China, competent minister, Michalis Hadjipantela has said, adding that the specific variant was located in Cyprus in August.

In statements after a visit to Famagusta General Hospital, he said the ministry is concerned over the fact that China opened up the country and people will start travelling all over the world.

The minister said the variant affecting China was located in Cyprus at the end of August.

Therefore, he said, we cannot be complacent, adding that he will speak to the regional World Health Organisation director to find out what other measures are taken by EU countries. At the same time, the Scientific Advisory Committee will convene on January 2.

On her part, the Scientific Director of Larnaca and Famagusta General hospitals, Amalia Hadjiyianni said that 17 patients are being treated at Famagusta General Hospital with COVID two of whom are in the Increased Care Unit. She said there is a continuous flow of admissions to the COVID clinic, however the situation is under control and depending on the clinic’s needs, it is reinforced with more staff.

She added that “lately the average hospitalization of patients with coronavirus has increased” because they are elderly people and vulnerable groups. In addition to COVID infections, there are other diseases for which hospitalization is indicated to be more prolonged than expected.

There is also an increase in upper respiratory infections, she added.

She said there are 22 patients recovering at EDEN rehabilitation centre in Tersefanou while another 11 who have tested positive have been isolated.

Hadjiyianni underlined the importance of wearing masks because of the respiratory infections and in combination with the COVID problem, it is advisable to use it.

Asked if there is a shortage of antibiotics in Cyprus, Minister Hadjipantela said the shortage of these pharmaceuticals is a worldwide issue. If there is a shortage, he said, he will speak to his Israeli counterpart and ministers from other countries to see what can be done.


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