Cyprus’ Minister of Health announces further easing of COVID restrictions in three stages

Cyprus’ Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou announced Thursday further easing of COVID restrictions in three stages, starting from May 29.

Specifically, following today`s decision of the Council of Ministers, from May 29, curfew hours will be limited between 1 am and 5 am. As of June 10, nocturnal curfew will be lifted.

From June 1, maximum number of persons who are allowed to be present in houses increase from 10 to 20, including permanent residents and minors.

Also, the number of people allowed indoors in public places, such as religious places of worship, casinos, conference and trade fair venues, theatres, amphitheatres and other performing arts venues is set at 50% of the capacity of each venue.

Indoor dining in restaurants will also be allowed on the basis of the health protocol.

From June 10, nightclubs will reopen, on the basis of the health protocol. The limit of up to 50% of physical presence in private companies and the wider public sector will also be lifted.

Details of the decisions regarding the operation of sports venues will be announced by the Cyprus Sports Organisation. All decisions of the Cabinet will be regulated by a Decree and will be valid until June 31.

“The above decisions, which are another big step towards normal conditions, are the result of cooperation by the vast majority of the people. As previously announced and given that the timing is ideal given the epidemiological data, the Government is proceeding with its plan to restart the economy and social activities,” said the Minister of Health.

He also said that people’s overwhelming response to the call for vaccination and the increase of the vaccination shield of the population contributed in this direction. As he noted, with 51% of the eligible population in Cyprus being vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine and 25% having completed their vaccination, Cyprus ranks in the first places among the countries of the European Union and is even closer to achieving the goal for a vaccination coverage of 65% of the population with at least the first dose by the end of June.

At the same time, he urged people to continue complying with the protective measures, with the goal of maintaining the good epidemiological situation and its further improvement.


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