Cyprus remains a safe destination says Israel’s National Security Council

Israel’s National Security Council has assured that Cyprus remains a safe destination for Israeli tourists during the current tourist season.

A statement was made by a representative of the Israeli National Security Council to a question addressed by daily newspaper Israel Hayom, following press reports that Cyprus authorities along with Mossad and the security services of a Western country, prevented a terrorist attack against Israeli targets on the island.

The same newspaper published that according to figures from Israeli tour operators, from the beginning of 2023 until June, a total of 160,000 Israeli citizens have traveled to Cyprus.

This number represents 60% of Israeli tourists who traveled abroad throughout 2022.

Figures from the same sources also say that in 2023 they expect a record number of visits by Israelis to the island, a number set to exceed 300,000. This number, the Israel Hayom reports, will bring arrivals from Israel to the second place after arrivals from Britain, surpassing arrivals from Germany, Poland and Greece.

Israel Hayom newspaper cites figures from a total of nine airlines, Israeli and foreign, that connect the airports of Cyprus with the international airports of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Ιt is said that in order to respond to the great demand, during the coming two months of July-August, the total number of flights between Israel and Cyprus is going to exceed 100 per week.


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