Cyprus reminds public of new testing instructions for vaccinated employees

Health Ministry on Monday reminded the public of the new COVID-19 testing instructions in place for all vaccinated employees with two doses or one dose in case of the JJ vaccine or those who were previously infected and 180 days have elapsed since they got sick. The checks by the authorities will commence December 29 and all these employees must have a rapid test of seven days.

In a press release, the Ministry notes that each company and/or organisation could set a specific day that checks will be conducted and adds that employees can either show an sms or the rapid test in hard copy.

All employees 18 and over who had just one dose administered need to show a 72 hour PCR or a 48 hr rapid test.

Anyone who got the booster shot is excluded from the new instructions.

Rapid tests are free for vaccinated people or those who got infected with Covid or cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons in all designated spots. Anyone who got the first dose and the time frame for their second shot has not passed, are also subject to free testing.

The Ministry notes that if a cluster of cases is detected at a company, all employees will have to undergo tests.


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