Cyprus Vaccination Portal opens in June for students studying abroad, on Monday it opens for 18-21 year olds

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the  Vaccination Portal will open in June for students studying at universities abroad.

According to a press release,  the Ministry of Health notes that in case students belonging to the age group of 18-21, who will have priority for appointment in the Vaccination Portal on Monday, are currently abroad due to their studies, they should not make an appointment, since it will not be possible to reschedule it.

It is noted that the Vaccination Portal will open in June, especially for those studying at academic Institutions abroad on a date to be announced in due time.

In addition, the Ministry announces that compared to the initial plans, inoculations are at a more advanced stage, and says that the Vaccination Portal will open for the age group of 18-21 years on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Health until May 13th 314,163 people, or 42.5%, had been vaccinated with the first dose, and 13.3% of the population (98,605 people) have completed their vaccination.

With a total of 412,768 vaccinations (46.9 doses per 100 inhabitants) Cyprus ranks 3rd among the EU member states.

The Ministry will give the opportunity to those who have not received a vaccine yet, to do so in the coming days.

According to the plan, the Vaccination Portal opens tomorrow, Saturday from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon for ages 50-54, on Sunday, May 16, from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 in afternoon, for ages 55-60 and Monday, May 17, from 7:30 am to Tuesday, May 18, 5:30 pm for 18-21 year olds.

The Gate will also be open on Wednesday, May 19, from 7:30 am to Thursday, May 20, 5:30 pm for 61-65 year olds, as well as on Friday, May 21, from 7:30 am to Saturday, May 22, 5:30 pm for 46-49.

The inoculations will take place in vaccination centers all over Cyprus with the available vaccines.

In addition, personal physicians who showed interest, continue to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine to their beneficiaries of 20 years old an over, in their respective clinics.

Concluding, the Ministry notes that based on the latest national report on the coronavirus, there is a clear declining trend in the number of cases and a decrease in the number of hospital admissions of patients with COVID 19.


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