Effie Kats on surviving in Australia’s fashion industry

Effie Kats has opened up in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald about what she’s learned amid the struggles and failures she has faced in Australia’s fashion industry.

In 2018, Effie’s first brand, Zachary, closed after less than five years in business when she was effectively conned into signing her business away by an “industry veteran.”

“I learnt so many lessons… I had imposter syndrome, I [told myself] I didn’t know best, I didn’t trust my inner voice,” she tells The Sydney Morning Herald.

Designer Effie Kats launched her namesake label in April 2018. 

“I was 27, I was facing being sued by [shopping centre owner] Westfield. I lost all my money we had used for the bonds, and the company went into administration, so I had that on my record as well.”

Yet just five months after her first failure, Kats dived back into the fashion scene when she spotted a gap in the market for coloured suits.

“Fashion is commercial as well as artistic, and people can overlook that factor. You need to make your targets and budgets,” she said.

“I am constantly looking at what’s selling, where we need to inject variety. I want my customers to feel and look how they want, without breaking the bank.”


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