Father Dimitrios Papaikonomou: Meet the new Chaplain of All Saints Grammar in Belmore

The Reverend Father Dimitrios Papaikonomou has been officially named as the new Chaplain of All Saints Grammar school in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Belmore.

Father Dimitrios brings his background in Theology, Education and Pastoral Counselling to the new role.

In a recent message to the school community, the priest said he was “greatly encouraged by the joy with which I was received into the school by students, teachers and parents alike.”

“In the past few weeks, I have met many students and enjoyed the enthusiasm with which they approach learning the Word of God and their education in general,” Father Dimitrios said.

“I look forward to meeting the rest of the students and guiding all to a deeper appreciation of our Orthodox faith and the role it can play in our daily life.”

Head of School, Elfa Lillis, praised the appointment of Father Dimitrios as Chaplain.

“I warmly welcome Reverend Dimitrios to All Saints Grammar and look forward to working together to maintain our strong commitment of faith and community,” Mrs Lillis said.

Father Dimitrios is also the new All Saints Greek Orthodox Parish Priest after Father Kyrillos Zisis returned to his native Victoria to serve at Saint Eustathios Greek Orthodox Church in South Melbourne.


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