According to information from the coordinating center in Apsiou, ground and aerial firefighting units are making efforts to extinguish the new fire front. The first of the two Greek Canadair firefighting aircraft, which arrived in the morning, is also assisting. The second Greek firefighting aircraft is expected to arrive later Monday.

Acting President of the Republic, House President, Annita Demetriou, is at the coordinating centre in Paramytha and is being briefed on the situation.

The possibility of more reignitions is higher in the afternoon, as winds are expected to pick up in the area, according to Fire Service Spokesman, Andreas Kettis.

He added that the fire has been surrounded, and firebreaks and accesses are being created for the ground forces to try to contain the blaze.

According to Kettis, the fire area is still being monitored. Continuous reignitions are being faced with ground and aerial forces, mainly on the northwest side of the perimeter.