Four young Greek Australian entrepreneurs share the key to their success

Four young Greek Australian entrepreneurs have shared the key to their success in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

This is what they had to say.

Alana Kalithrakas – A2 Tutors

Alana Kalithrakas.

Alana Kalithrakas shared how she came up with the idea for A2 Tutors – a one-on-one tutoring service supporting students from age 4-18 in their journey through school.

In her interview, Alana said the key to the success of her tutoring business is about having students who are “raving fans” that don’t need “an incentive to refer their friends.”

“What I have been taught is that a successful business is one that primarily works without you being there,” Alana said.

James Avramides – Getawayz NSW

James Avramides.

James Avramides is the founder of Getawayz NSW, which specialises in end-to-end short-term property management including guest communications, reviews, marketing and property maintenance.

James said that he’s faced a number of challenges since opening his business, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the NSW floods, and it’s taken a toll on his mental health.

“I didn’t realise before opening the business how much of a toll it can take on your mental health. I have worked a good 12-16 hour days and haven’t had a day off since launching,” he said.

But he still loves his job.

“I adore being able to be my own boss, doing what I love every day. I also get to choose the wonderful staff that work alongside me as well as make sure the business is a positive place to work,” James added.

Emily Bobis – Compass IoT

Emily Bobis.

Emily Bobis, 27, founded IoT Compass in 2018. The business uses real-time data analysis of cars swerving or breaking to detect trends and patterns. This halved the number of car crashes on one of Sydney’s busiest roads.

Emily told The Daily Telegraph that the key to her success is “balancing growth and stability.”

“The biggest benefit of running a small business is being able to make a tangible difference. I get to see first-hand the impacts of what we do for our customers and how it’s changing the future of roads,” she said.

Max Agapitos – Agspire Kids Fitness

Max Agapitos. Source: Facebook.

Max Agapitos is the founder of Agspire Kids Fitness in Maroubra, which holds strength and conditioning classes for primary and high school aged children.

Max said the benefits of running his own business “include creative freedom and personal satisfaction for working so closely with clients.”

“When you have a positive influence, it’s not for someone else in the hierarchical structure – it’s for you and your client, which is intrinsically satisfying,” he said.

“We live in a nation full of opportunity. If you have an idea and there’s a need for it, then you can make it.”


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