Go Gyro Go! Fotiadis’ Chattanooga Greek Food Truck Back, Bigger

Reviews rank it the best Greek food in Chattanooga and Paco Fotiadis doesn’t have to worry about indoor seating during the COVID-19 pandemic because he serves up his specialties out of a food truck in the Lakesite area.

After being away for a while, he’s come back with a wider truck to make room for more equipment and features, and has four rotisseries in another kitchen to make enough meat for the gyros to last for some time.

In a review in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, writer Anne Braly found plenty to like, finally getting there she said to find that Fotiadis, who has lived in a number of places around the world, knows how to please.

“His menu isn’t large, but it’s got the foods that most people want on their plates when they’re hungry for Greek for lunch or dinner,” the review said and if you’re hankering for a gyro, spanakopita, lemon potatoes, and even baklava, he’s got it, along with Greek salads and homemade tzatziki and hummus.

“My food is good. It’s honest. It fills you up,” Fotiadis said. We’re on our way.


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