Government urges learners to take a Covid test before their driving test

The government is urging learner drivers to take a Covid-19 test before they take their driving test.

According to guidance published on the government’s website, learners should take a rapid lateral flow test twice a week, including before and after they have taken the test.

Its call for action comes as driving tests were able to resume from yesterday (22 April). It is not mandatory to take a Covid-19 test before a driving test, however. The guidance says learners can still take a driving test if they are unable to take a lateral flow test.

If learners test positive for coronavirus symptoms, the government advises learners to take a PCR test. Should a learner miss a test because they – or a member of their household – have to self-isolate or have tested positive, the driving test can be re-arranged for free.

How do I change the date of my test?

It is possible to change the date of your appointment online via the government’s website.

Another option is to email the Driver and Licencing Standards Authority (DVSA). The guidance document requests that learners use the subject title ‘Lateral flow rebooking’ and include two of these three pieces of information:

  • A driving licence number
  • A theory test pass certificate number
  • A driving test booking reference number


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