Grammy-Nominated Eric Alexandrakis Announces Latest Release

NEW YORK – Grammy-nominated artist Eric Alexandrakis announced his latest release due out on February 1, titled Good Girls Never Waltz With Me, another new genre-bending addition to his critically acclaimed TERRA series of releases.

Coming on the heels of I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years as a Two Time Cancer Survivor, which was nominated for Best Spoken Word Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards alongside fellow nominees Michelle Obama and The Beastie Boys, Alexandrakis continues his travel-themed series of releases, this time with some whimsical mockery.

“It’s about the confusion emotions bring… whether it’s Liesel Von Trapp’s naivety, a fembot trying to express its feelings by reciting one of Shakespeare’s sonnets to a human in a disco, the pretentious thought that one’s words matter above someone else’s, and the assumption that something beautiful is automatically beautiful all around,” Alexandrakis said.

Grammy-nominated artist Eric Alexandrakis announced his latest release, titled Good Girls Never Waltz With Me. Photo by Eric Alexandrakis

Recorded on an array of formats including 4-track cassette, 16-track, and iPhone, all tracks are once again written, arranged, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by Eric Alexandrakis in first takes.

Always pushing beyond established genres, Good Girls Never Waltz With Me emphasizes Alexandrakis’ continued desire to have fun through creative expression.

“I really couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of what I do. What matters to me is whether it does what I personally want it to do for me. If someone else likes it too, that’s always a nice bonus,” Alexandrakis said.

Highly creative since childhood, Alexandrakis is a student of all artistic disciplines. Along with his album releases, he provides music for various media, and has even charted nationally with two original Christmas songs and productions for other artists. He is also involved in film production, and was fortunate to have a film he conceptualized and scored, short-list at Cannes Lions in 2017 [Psychogenic Fugue, starring John Malkovich and directed by Sandro]. Alexandrakis was the first person in the industry to produce a digitally watermarked CD, and he continues to find innovative ways to express himself through his songwriting, productions, and company Minoan Music.

Good Girls Never Waltz With Me by Eric Alexandrakis is out now via all streaming platforms.

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