Greek Atlas League hold tribute concert to Mikis Theodorakis

Greek Atlas League presented a tribute concert to celebrate the life of one of Greece’s most influential singers, Mikis Theodorakis.

The concert was held at the Greek Atlas League Hall in Marrickville in the inner west of Sydney on Saturday, December 3 at 4pm.

The program of the night included a few words about the late artist by Vironas Cominos, a greeting by the President of Greek Atlas League, Michael Kottis, and a night of music by Mersini Papantoniou, Nikos Giannelis and Antonis Karamagalis.

Famous songs by Theodorakis like ‘Anavaftisi’, ‘Asma Asmaton’, ‘To ekremes’ and ‘Eimaste dio, eimaste treis’ were enjoyed by all in attendance at the event.


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