Greek Food Goes Avant-Garde at Melina in North Bethesda, Maryland

Moussaka? Pastitsio? Baklava? Been there, done that for Greek food so Dimitri Moshovitis and Ted Xenohristos said they wanted to elevate traditional Greek dishes into another universe of taste and diversity.

That’s what they’ve done at the newly-opened Melina in North Bethesda, Maryland, taking their restaurant away from the fast casual craze to make it more experimental and innovative.

So get those taste buds ready for the likes of roasted beets with a garden pot sprouting miniature basil leaves and a savory mixture of crumbled carob and smoked walnuts, tossed with blackberry vinaigrette, and yogurt, reported the site DCist in a review.

For another dish, Tsekouras said “the carrots look simple, but the dish has a lot of stuff behind it.” Roasted heirloom carrots come dressed in carrot vinaigrette with ginger and oranges, and oil infused with the root vegetable’s green shoots and carrot puree, smoked, whipped manouri cheese, granola crumbles, mustard seeds, raisins, and carrots.

“This is something we’ve never done,” said Xenohristos. “This is on another level. This showcases Greece’s generosity, hospitality, and the elevated, natural ingredients they work with.” Yum, yum.


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