Greek universities admit nearly 62,000 students

Minimum admission scores for Greek universities were announced Thursday, allowing 61,950 out of the 97,205 who applied to secure a place.

Most of the 97,205 took part in the countrywide entrance exams in June. The rest were 2021 and 2022 high school graduates who opted to resubmit an application based on their grades from previous exams, hoping the minimum grades required for admission would drop.

The minimum admission standard, introduced in 2021, precluded more than 26,000 applicants from even submitting a form including their preferred universities and departments.

This year, schools and departments in already high demand saw their minimum scores rise: The University of Athens Medical School topped the list with a minimum score of 19,000 (out of a possible 20,000) required.
Many departments in smaller cities failed to fill their quota of admitted students.


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