Greenpeace protesters flood House of Commons to demonstrate

More than 30 activists have occupied the House of Commons, forcing a broadcaster to cut short its coverage of Rishi Sunak’s Tory leadership race win. 

Sky News’ Chief Political Correspondent Jon Craig was in the middle of an interview with two MPs when a ruckus occurred in the central lobby.

With that, a parliamentary security member tried to block the camera with his hand.

Mr Craig told him he was in the middle of an interview, and the security member backed away.

But shortly afterwards he returned and then stood with his back to camera to interrupt the broadcast.

Greenpeace said they were behind the stunt.

The group said: “While the government is in chaos, almost seven million people are facing fuel poverty.

“We need the next government to deliver a proper windfall tax to insulate homes and keep people warm this winter.”

They signed off their tweet with the hashtag Chaos Costs Lives.

The protesters staged the sit-in protest against rising energy bills, as activists held mocked-up energy bills and a banner reading “chaos costs lives” and delivered speeches outside the House of Commons chamber.

One protester said she had just taken on her third job to pay for her increased energy bills.

Parliamentary security and police officers arrived at the scene and began assessing how to remove the demonstrators, who were wearing visitors’ security passes.

Their passes suggest the protesters gained access to the parliamentary estate by posing as tourists or other visitors.

They sat in the Central Lobby for around 15 minutes before leaving peacefully.

By 3.20pm on Monday the protest had ended.

A Greenpeace spokesman said that “since Boris Johnson resigned as prime minister, this government has spent more time looking for a new leader than leading the country”.

The campaign group called on the Government to “solve the problem” by imposing windfall taxes and boosting renewable energy production.

 “People need permanently lower bills and a safe climate, and that means more renewable energy, more financial support, a nationwide street-by-street insulation programme, and a proper tax on the energy profiteers to pay for it,” he said.

It comes after a similar protest by Extinction Rebellion protesters last month saw them glue themselves around Speaker’s Chair in the Commons.

Six were arrested and the incident caused a security lockdown for several hours, with external visitors to the estate being turned away.

Earlier this month, two Greenpeace activists interrupted Liz Truss’s speech at Conservative Party Conference by shouting about the climate crisis and the Government’s Net Zero policies.


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