Hellenic Museum celebrates International Women’s Day with special event

The Hellenic Museum Ladies’ Society marked International Women’s Day (IWD) on Friday, March 11 at the Hellenic Museum.

The CEO & Head of Curation of the Hellenic Museum, Sarah Craig, addressed guests at the sold-out event and spoke to the Museum’s aspiration to become a leader in innovative arts and culture experiences for students.

“We look to provide education for a new age of learners whose attention is ever-diverted and to make them feel at home in the kind of institution that historically has not been inclusive…” Ms Craig said.

“We require an education offering that, yes, teaches in the traditional sense, but does not impart knowledge in a one-way, teacher-student paradigm.

“We want to encourage and facilitate two-way dialogue, where learners are in a conversation with us and our collections – we want them to question and challenge what they are being told, critically assessing the sources of the information being imparted to them. In short, we want to create experiences where young people can become thinkers.”

Two cornerstones of the Hellenic Museum’s multifaceted approach to education were available for guests to experience on the day: virtual reality and object-based handling. Both of these experiences focus on bringing history to life in a way that is tangible for learners.

The virtual reality experience provided by Hellenic Museum Education Partner, Lithodomos VR, allowed visitors to walk through the site of Ancient Delphi and experience the ancient religious site as if they were an ancient Greek.

Object-based handling allowed guests to touch ancient artefacts and as Ms Craig said on the day, “by holding history in the palm of your hand” this enriched their study of past peoples.

Overall, the Hellenic Museum focused on education during the IWD event as “it is largely through women that we maintain our connection to our history, just as it is through women that we foster the next generation, and today, it is with women that we celebrate our important institution and look forward to the work yet to be done with your contributions being central to this vision.”

Guests were able to contribute to the Hellenic Museum’s education endeavours by joining as Hellenic Museum Ladies’ Society Patron or making a different donation.

The Hellenic Museum thanked all guests and sponsors for their support of the luncheon and said it looks forward to future Hellenic Museum Ladies’ Society events.

Queries about the Hellenic Museum Ladies’ Society can be directed to the Hellenic Museum’s Development & Partnerships Manager, Maria Halkias, [email protected].

Event Sponsor – Rigby Cooke Lawyers.

Education Partners – Lithodomos VR

In Kind Sponsors – Event Styling, Giannarelli International & Lusso Event Hire, Florals, Flowers Vasette, Illustrations, Natalie Rompotis, Catering & Event Management, Showtime Event Group.

Media Sponsor – The Greek Herald.

*All photos copyright: Jessie Obialor


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