Holy Synod and Cabinet in Cyprus to hold extraordinary meetings after Archbishop Chrysostomos II’s passing

Holy Synod and Cabinet to hold extraordinary meetings after Archbishop Chrysostomos IIs passing
The Holy Synod will hold an extraordinary meeting at midday on Monday to decide the day of the late Archbishop Chrysostomos II’s funeral.

The primate of the Greek orthodox church on the island passed away on Monday morning at the age of 81.

A service was held at the Apostolos Varnavas church where Chrysostomos II was transferred.

President of the House of Representatives and acting President of the Republic, Annita Demetriou, visited the Archbishopric Monday morning where she conveyed her condolences to the relatives of the late Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

Demetriou announced that the Cabinet will hold an extraordinary meeting to decide ways for the state to honour the late church leader.

She told reporters “the Church of Cyprus is mourning, Cyprus is mourning, the people are mourning. Archbishop Chrysostomos II was a very important ecclesiastical figure and our sorrow is great. We are here to officially express our condolences to his family, his friends and the Holy Synod”.

The Holy Synod will make announcements and then there will be a relevant statement on how the state will honour the late Archbishop, she said.

She also announced that the cabinet will hold an extraordinary meeting and an announcement will be made when everything is ready.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela, said today is a difficult day for the Church and Cyprus.

He was speaking from the Archbishopric Palace, where he went after the death of Archbishop Chrysostomos II on Monday morning.

“As you all know, we lost our Archbishop a few hours ago. I have no words to say. I came here to offer my condolences to the family,” he added.

Asked if the President of the Republic is informed, Hadjipantela said that the President of the Republic was kept informed and noted that he had communicated with the President last night and this morning.

Answering a question, the Minister of Health said that there will be a session of the Holy Synod with the Custodian of the Throne and the corresponding decisions will be made.

In the Archbishopric Palace, the flags fly at half mast, while the bells ring mournfully. The police presence in front of and around the Archbishopric Palace has also increased.


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